Why we are running

We are facing challenging and unprecedented times as we work to end this pandemic and get lives back to normal. This crisis has shown too many people live paycheck to paycheck with many of our residents not being able to afford their mortgage or rent after only a few weeks of an economic shutdown.

This is an opportunity to reset our economy to ensure more living wage jobs, more affordable housing, better access to health care and a stronger safety net for our most vulnerable. To do this, we have to forgo the trend toward divisive, partisan politics and unite our county in rebuilding our economy by recruiting great companies that pay living wages, quickly building new housing for working families, strengthening our human services programs and continuing to protect our natural resources for future generations.

Hi, I'm Sarah

Why we are running

Why we are running

Hi, I'm Sarah​.

I decided to run for this office because my values fit my district. I believe in serving families first, maintaining quality of life, investing additional resources into behavioral health, and preserving agricultural lands in Puyallup Valley. It is critically important to address the homelessness and affordable housing crisis in Pierce County.

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