My background in planning, my work in non-profits, my work in faith-based communities will ensure that I can hit the ground running resetting our county government and Pierce County’s economic health so we can better navigate challenges and economic slowdowns in the future.


I serve on the City of Tacoma Human Rights Commission, the board of Associated Ministries of Pierce County and as a board member at Temple Beth El. I have served on the Board of Governor's for Evergreen State College and as a PTA President at Browns Point Elementary School. I was previously employed as a City Planner for the City of Kent. 

I currently own my own consulting business based in Tacoma. I have a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies from the Evergreen State College. I am married to the Honorable Stan Rumbaugh, Superior Court Judge in Pierce County. We live in NE Tacoma.


My daughter, Gabi, is attending the University of Washington and my daughter, Miriam, works at Tableau software in Seattle. Stan’s sons both live in Tacoma where Forrest works for the 5th Avenue Theater and Graham has just finished at UW Tacoma with a degree in Communications.

I have always believed in the core democratic values of a woman’s choice, a free market, a meaningful and secure safety net, and social justice generally. Most of all, I believe that we should help others and that your economic status does not equate to your value as a person. All people deserve to be treated the same no matter color of skin, sexual orientation, or economic circumstances.

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6716 East Side Drive NE, Ste 1-325

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